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Our Mission

How has it come to be that the word badass conjures up feelings of assertive and loud, tough and in-your-face, hard and unemotional, but nothing else?

It shouldn’t.

A baddie is not defined by age, status or style. They know their worth and won’t let anyone convince them otherwise.

They are committed to becoming the best version of themselves, embracing kindness, empathy and all the superpowers that make us extraordinary.

They know femininity can mean strength, and pretty comes in every shape, size and color.

A baddie knows adversity, but summons the strength to face it and fight. A baddie plays by their own rulebook.

Baddie By Divinity is here to help us find and embrace our badassery, no matter what form it takes and no matter how we show it to the world.

Inspired by Divinity Ray—part pretty girl and part fierce warrior—Baddie by Divinity is a movement and a lifestyle all rolled up into one.

Divinity Ray brings her untamed, hopelessly romantic and unapologetically feminine style to every piece, making Baddie By Divinity a place of acceptance and beauty. We will offer a range of unique clothing pieces and accessories that are fierce and bring joy to those who wear them.

Our pieces help you, be you.

We can’t wait to see you shine.

Meet Divinity

There are a million reasons why Divinity Ray’s passion and resilience fuels the BADDIE brand.

Divinity’s romance with beauty and fashion, combined with her commitment to mental health awareness and suicide prevention, are what motivates this inspirational being.

Surviving a childhood of abuse, mental illness and turbulence, Divinity was forced to grow up way too fast. Always the ‘new girl’ at school, she faced relentless bullying from the mean kids looking for ways to kill her spirit. And they almost did.

As a teen, Divinity struggled to fit in but found solace in dance and the arts. But even these took a dark turn when her high intensity Russian ballet training and modeling fueled body image insecurities and severe depression, spiraling her in her late teens. She faced an ongoing battle with alcoholism, a severe eating disorder and attempted suicide.


Divinity quit college, quit drinking and bartended her way through beauty school. Graduating at the top of her class, Divinity became a renowned hair stylist while producing a number of non-profit fashion shows supporting suicide and mental health awareness.

Divinity lost a close friend to suicide in 2019, something that could have broken her, but instead strengthened her commitment to publicly owning her own mental health battles in the hope of unstigmatizing their crippling effects and becoming a resource for others.

Finding true love—in the form of her beautiful and supportive partner Sathi—gave Divinity the final push she needed to realize her biggest dream: starting BADDIE by DIVINITY.

BADDIE is a place of love, strength, support and inspiration, and we welcome you with open arms.

You are loved. You are brilliant.

You are a BADDIE.

Honey Collection


The Honey Collection cultivates confidence and leaves the fake-it-til-you-make-it attitude at the door. Ignite unwaivering self-esteem, unaplogetic openness, and true comfort in your skin. You won’t regret it.

Beauty Meets Versatility
Each piece is designed with custom blended stretch fabric for a durable yet breathable second-skin feel.

Our bodysuits feature built in thumbholes, a foldover neckline and snap button closures to fit every body type. Perfect for all occassions, our pieces are going to become one of your favorite must-haves!

Healing from Childhood or Transgenerational Trauma

Keeping emotions in will never lead to recovery: Get it out and let it go

Trauma, although often buried deep in one’s psyche, can have very real negative effects that linger long after we think the damage is done. These effects include hypervigilance, mistrust, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

Trauma that occurs during childhood can have effects that last a lifetime. Children are often thought to be resilient, but childhood trauma makes a child feel helpless, disrupting their sense of safety and security.

Trauma that arises from a previous generation such as a parent or grandparent — referred to as ‘transgenerational’ — often does not end with the individual and instead silently and covertly makes its way into future generations.

Trauma is painful and it is normal to want to bury it deep, hoping that it will go away, or at the very least, stop causing pain and suffering.

But research has shown that the opposite is true. In order to heal trauma, it needs to be brought to the surface and dealt with head on. When it comes to trauma, burying never works; it has to be dealt with head on in order to break the cycle.

Why Trauma Endures

During times of duress, behaviors develop as direct responses to the trauma. These behaviors are designed to minimize pain and protect those who are being harmed. The traumatic events may include abuse (sexual, physical or verbal), domestic violence, an unstable or unsafe environment, separation from a parent, neglect, bullying or other painful events.

But once the threat is gone, these coping behaviors are no longer appropriate. And continuing to use them can potentially harm relationships with family and friends and create an alienating or destructive outlook on life.

Left unresolved, the trauma not only endures into adulthood but can be passed on to future generations.

Feel. Deal. Heal.

In order to truly put trauma into the past, feelings must be brought to the surface and acknowledged (feel), actively spoke of, discussed, and worked through (deal) then reclaimed, and let go (heal).

Some help on how to get there:

  • Engage in open and loving communication. Probe deeply with questions like ‘How did it feel?’ ‘How did you cope?’ ‘What have I learned?’
  • Don’t be alone; talk with a trusted friend, family member, or therapist
  • When dealing with transgenerational trauma, develop empathy and compassion for what that family member went through, versus being angry over how it affected you.

It is not easy to purposefully bring trauma to the surface, but as a trauma survivor, and with enough strength and support, you have the ability to put an end to the trauma cycle, taking control and becoming the boss of your own narrative.

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